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Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Collection of student evaluation scores, comments, and observation notes

References available upon request

UCSB Students compare page to screen with Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night.

Jan. 2021 Observation

Notes from Tami Erion, Principal, Newberg High School

  • Bell ringer to start class - around superstitions - intro to lesson and discussion topic (good tie in, and fun to discuss at the start of class)

  • Good modeling in sharing your own superstition - good participation from students about theirs.

  • Clear that students have been trained to either unmute to participate or drop ideas into the chat box.  Great job trying to address all comments

  • With each comment/response, there is a good balance of questioning and affirmation of student responses.

  • It is evident that there is a level of comfort with the class - students are willing to participate and ask questions.  The class feels very conversational.

  • Embedded elements of humor during lesson...cartoon, brain break.

  • Prompts and questions led to critical thinking and debate among students - good use of higher order strategies

  • High level of energy from instructor led to engaging conversations!

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Jan. 2021 Observation

Notes from Peggy Sellers, Teacher Education Associate, George Fox

  • This lesson demonstrates a strong approach to teaching literary analysis while learning about universal themes prevalent in Shakespeare plays

  • Good pacing, good management of student participation

  • Very thorough in content knowledge

  • Her approach is very open and inviting and expresses both interest and genuine enthusiasm for student ideas

  • Uses a wide variety of effective strategies and keeps the participation up with interjecting tasks and activities for students to complete throughout the lesson

  • Good balance of teacher direct and student input

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